Gentle bath in the room

Gentle bath in the room

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How about transforming the bedroom into a cocoon of sweetness? Zoom on 5 rooms full of sweetness.

Soft colors

Ikéa ### Here, the light gray of the walls and the beech color of the furniture merge to invite softness into the bedroom. A few elements complete this decor full of tenderness, such as the paper lampshade hanging above the bed or the artistic composition of Post-it on the wall forming a full moon.

Feminine softness

Ikéa ### A fine example of a soothing decor with a very feminine character. His secret? Voluptuous forms all in roundness, whether it is the porthole mirror, pink patterns adorning the bed linen or the lampshade.

Natural sweetness

Ikea ### Painting a wall in green, this is an idea to take to give a breath of fresh air to the room. No doubt, here, it is the serenity felt in the middle of nature which prevails! A feeling amplified by the floral patterns of the bed linen, the heart-shaped poster on the wall and the comforting materials of the cotton plaid or the soft carpet on the floor.

Softness of the materials

Goal ### The choice of materials is sometimes enough to blow a gentle breeze into the bedroom. The proof in pictures! Dressed in a mosquito net, the bed sets the tone, announcing a delicate and charming mood, while on the floor the fringed carpet recalls the cozy spirit of the room.


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