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Choosing the right location for the dressing room

Choosing the right location for the dressing room

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It hides all the secrets of our clothing tastes: yes, the dressing room is a key storage unit in the house. It is therefore advisable to choose its location well according to the space available. Here are 8 ideas to follow.

The dressing room

Cuisinella More common, the dressing room in the bedroom is ideal for keeping your belongings on hand morning and evening. It's hard to deny it, it's the perfect location for our wardrobe. Inevitably, when space permits, we don't hesitate for a second!

The walk-in closet

Leroy Merlin Here is a solution dedicated to those who do not want to lose space. For more DIY enthusiasts or those who want to invest in a custom-made wardrobe, the staircase wardrobe is an ideal space saving idea. A few rules to respect, however: you choose the dressing room with closed doors or you store your belongings on shelves that are hidden behind a curtain. Thus, the harmony of the room is not distorted.

The dressing room adjoining the bathroom

Mobalpa What if we put the dressing room right next to the bathroom? Thus, going back and forth to the shower would go hand in hand with the choice of clothes of the day. A clever idea to consider.

The dressing room is separate

Gautier The dream wardrobe is that of American series! And yes, a room entirely reserved for the storage of shoes, jackets and dresses is luxury! Except that this luxury is more and more accessible, in a mini room or an important wall recess. But that's not all ! You can also be imaginative by creating a partition in the bedroom using a large curtain or a bookcase behind which would be a dressing area. Discreet, but resolutely practical and comfortable. So, are you tempted?

The sloping wardrobe

Leroy merlin If your attic is unused, it may or may not be the time to give it a prime role. Installing your dressing room under the eaves is an interesting option because the clothes never complain of being cramped, you can optimize the space as much as possible.

The office dressing room

Leroy Merlin In your idea, this unused part of the house would become an office. By using the partitions of the dressing room as walls, it is possible to create a separation to obtain two separate spaces.

The dressing room behind a curtain

Ikea If you do not feel capable of undertaking major works for your dressing room, you can opt for a separation using curtains. By arranging your wardrobe behind your bed and hiding it behind a curtain wall, you keep a neat place, suitable for rest.