Unusual: glass houses with a surprising design

Unusual: glass houses with a surprising design

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Uncommon in France, glass houses seduce us with their great originality and their unusual design. Not conducive to the intensive use of glass in contemporary housing, many constructions exist nevertheless. In addition to its characteristics of transparency, openness to the outside and light that architects use on a daily basis, glass also brings a contemporary style to the house through its appearance and visual qualities. Discover 10 designer and unusual glass houses.


Architecteo Designed by architect Mickey Muenning in 1976, this magnificent observatory, designed as a veritable little recreational home, is nestled on the heights of the California coast. This glass domed roof housing accommodates a living room with fireplace and a sleeping area.

Polygonal glass villa

JM Architecture Designed by JM Architecture, this sublime pavilion located on the slope of a hill on the shores of Lake Lugano has the particularity of being made of glass. Very bright, its rounded angles and its linear roof give it a contemporary and design look.

A house turned towards nature

Contemporary construction Integrated into the landscape of Archipelago in Stockholm, this glass house, turned towards nature is a true haven of peace. Designed entirely in wood and glass, the huge picture windows offer a plunging view of the Baltic Sea. Its flat roof, in the form of a cut platform, reinforces the contemporary aspect of this exceptional architect's pavilion.


Amenagement design Located in New York State in the United States, this glass house catches the eye with its surprising shape. The facade, made entirely of glass, was built in a cantilever with only two metal supports to hold the rest of the structure. Its minimalist design allows it to integrate perfectly into nature thanks to its notes of yellow and green.

Snow house

2tout2rien Imagined by the Italian architects Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosic from the Santambrogio studio, this astonishing house with a very minimalist style is mainly composed of blue-tinted glass. From box springs to bookcases, everything is made of glass, thus creating a fluid line of vision in the structures and a unique transparency of the whole.

Between transparency and brightness

Contemporary house Designed by Thomas Phifer and Partner, this sublime home located on Fisher Island has something to seduce. The simple geometry and lightness of the building combine perfectly with glass. Transparent and very bright, this house integrates harmoniously into its surrounding space.

White Snake House

Archis houses Favorite for this sublime house placed on stilts just above the water. Composed mainly of straight lines, the villa is made up of two white concrete slabs with curved appearances which reinforce the contemporary side of the whole. Despite a large amount of glazing, the house is a low consumption house.

A metal and glass walkway

Affaire-de-steel Clever idea that this metal and glass walkway used to connect the two buildings together. The clarity of the glass allows the inhabitants of the house to feel immersed in a cocooning, bright setting, where it is good to bask.

A two-story house where glass is king

Maison d'Archis Located on the edge of a non-building natural reserve, this original and unusual house is built of concrete, metal and glass. Composed of two floors, each opens directly onto the garden on one level and all the rooms have been designed to accommodate natural light. Thus, a large opening in the floor of the second floor allows light to travel through all the levels and reach the ground floor.