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Fly presents its new kitchen collection

Fly presents its new kitchen collection

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Faithful to its three pop, design and nature universes, Fly offers for the start of the new school year a new collection of kitchens where everyone will find their style! On the program: contemporary lines, bold colors and lots of style. Follow the guide !

Red for dynamic cuisine

Fly ### Small budgets also have the right to a cuisine worthy of the name! Fly offers a kitchen pack including melamine and varnished furniture, household appliances, sink, mixer tap, bases and handles, and worktop for 995 euros. The plus: the kitchen has a very dynamic gourmet red!

Black for an elegant kitchen

Fly ### Design lovers will fall for the Spacio Noir Eclat kitchen, which has the brilliance of a black diamond and very clean lines. This kitchen will be the ally of lofts and open spaces because it blends perfectly with the decor.

White for pure cuisine

Fly ### Cosi Blanc cuisine will appeal to lovers of the Zen style. Thanks to its whiteness, its extreme shine and its slender lines, this model is both generous and light for a very refreshing style.

Orange for pop cuisine

Fly ### Finally for a stimulating and energetic cuisine, we opt for the Spacio Blanc Eclat and Orange Gloss kitchen which mixes white furniture with a few touches of orange. The space will then be energized for a very pop style.


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