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Natural lighting

Natural lighting

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Do you want an original touch in your interior? Why not bet on a light that gives pride of place to natural materials? We have selected 10 very decorative models for less than 100 euros to adopt according to your style.

African style table lamps

Ikea For a very warm ethnic atmosphere, we opt for this pendant lamp and this table lamp whose lampshade is none other than a bamboo palisade. These two lights will not fail to create original shadows on the walls.

Suspensions for a country interior

La Redoute Are you a country style fan? Wicker suspensions will be your allies to distill this style even in the lights. We put in effect on suspensions that look like upturned baskets.

Original pendant lights for a natural interior

La Redoute In your interior, you give pride of place to natural materials so there is no reason why the lights should be left out! You can therefore opt for an original pendant lamp which consists of three bulbs dressed in natural fiber balls.

Poetic pendant lights for a romantic interior

Alinéa In a room of romantic inspiration, we use natural lighting to create a soft and poetic atmosphere. The wood fibers give lightness to the lights and give off a nice light.

Bamboo pendant lights for a retro interior

Raw Interior Product For a retro atmosphere, we choose a suspension of original shape made from bamboo strips and an opaque paper which allows to diffuse a very warm light.

Table lamps for an exotic bedroom

Purpose In this room with an exotic atmosphere, we chose to match the lighting with natural materials from the floor, blinds and decorative accessories such as baskets. The suspensions are adorned with wooden slats and the bedside lamp is transformed into a sculpture of natural fiber.

Suspensions for an ethnic dining room

Purpose In an ethnic dining room which draws on a travel inspiration, we put on an original and natural pendant lamp which is made up very simply of strips of dark wood.

Suspensions for a charming interior

Purpose In a living room with charming accents, you can choose a pendant light that seems diverted by betting on a lampshade made of wicker. The pendant light can then respond to a natural fiber armchair.

A luminaire for a Zen interior

Purpose For a natural touch in a Zen atmosphere living room, we adopt an ultra simple and natural floor lamp which is none other than a wooden base on which spots have been fixed. Everything is very design.