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A dressing room for each room in the house

A dressing room for each room in the house

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When putting away your clothes becomes a nightmare, we take things in hand and we create a dressing room to restore order! In the entrance, the parents' or children's bedroom, you are cunning with the volumes and you have a dressing room worthy of the name!

A dressing room in the girls' room like a boutique

Ikea It can sometimes be tricky for teens to tidy up their rooms. Here the idea to remember is to create a dressing room like a fashion store!

A dressing room in the hallway

Ikea Use a corridor serving two rooms to put shelves and install a dressing room. The ideal being between the bedroom and the bathroom.

A dressing room in baby's room

Ikea The arrival of a new baby in the house turns life upside down! New furniture, accessories and equipment complete your already full cupboards. Create a mini dressing room in your bedroom by adopting "two in one" furniture and storing everything nearby.

A walk-in closet

Ikea This often untapped space can be transformed into a dressing room for the whole family. Use the attic side to place a series of shelves and store clothes.

A decorative dressing room in a studio

Ikea Use your clothes as decoration. Hanging from hangers and wisely stored on their clothes racks, the clothes adorn the walls as well as a painting, poster or other decorative accessories.

A high closet in the entrance

La Redoute A wall section is enough to install shelves to store hats, caps and other headgear. Similarly with coat hooks, they accommodate coats, jackets or pea coats. Tidy on their supports, you will appreciate the new order established in your entry

A walk-in closet in the entrance

Ikea When the walls have already been installed, think of the floor to integrate storage. They will allow you to store your shoes, your or your sporting goods.

A dressing room for each room in the house

Ikea The parents' room cut in half When there is a lack of space, there is a solution for creating a custom wardrobe, hide it behind the bed. By dividing a part of the room with a simple curtain you get a new storage pan.

A room entirely dedicated to clothes storage

Ikea A piece exclusively dedicated to clothing is ideal. Adjoining the bathroom or bedroom, it becomes essential to keep everything in line with the rules of the art.


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