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The washbasins hang in the bathroom

The washbasins hang in the bathroom

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In the jungle of trends, we notice that the bathroom furniture likes to be hung. More hygienic, less bulky and on the move, here are 10 atmospheres of bathrooms that have hung their vanity units to inspire you.

The most economical

Castorama When the wallet panics, bet on the economical and terribly trendy bathroom furniture. It is available in several colors

Space saving

Castorama Clever with its right angle shape, this basin can be installed in every corner of the bathroom.

A double sink to save time

Castorama Suspended bathroom furniture can be shared between two people. With a double sink, you will avoid the congestion that delays the morning!

All white

Castorama White is in use this season. A trend that has not escaped bathroom furniture. Coordinated with its wardrobe, this duo delivers a design and refined spirit to the room.


Cuisinella Follower of originality, this piece of furniture should satisfy you. On two levels, the first accommodates the basin while the second leaves a nice storage and display area for your most beautiful products.

Open to the bedroom

Ikea Less bulky visually, suspended bathroom furniture is to be preferred when the bedroom opens onto this pond.

100% design

La Redoute When the trend takes hold of furniture, it is to offer it an original form. Supporting proof with this U-shaped piece of furniture.

The light version

Veneto Lighten your walls as much as possible and prefer a board as furniture. Put two basins on it, you get a sleek and design piece of furniture.

The smallest

AKW Reduced in its simplest device, this vanity unit occupies a minimum of space.


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