30 decorative partitions to separate

30 decorative partitions to separate

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A graphic partition

Castorama / Geom

To separate the workshop from the living room without dissociating them, opt for a half-height partition in raw wood and very graphic shapes.

With plants


Using your ten fingers, make a partition out of pallets or reclaimed wood. Attach a few pots filled with flowers and voila!

Stylized wire mesh

IKEA / Martin Cederblad

Separate the work space from the bedroom space in a teenage bedroom using a black steel screen.

Tiny trellis

Castorama / Geom

With this small wooden trellis panel mounted on slides, separate your rooms as desired.

Japanese signs

Castorama / Geom

Easy to install, its panels can be installed across the width of a room. A kit allows you to install a real door.

Orientable blades

Castorama / Geom

This is the ideal choice for partitioning without really partitioning: adjustable wooden slats.

For a wooden door effect

Castorama / Geom

Removable, swivel or sliding, this partition in worked pine wood can be used as a door between your bedroom and your bathroom.

Anise green

Castorama / Geom

Thanks to a removable partition, add color to your interior. Here, we like that the window frame matches the partition.

For gentle separation

Castorama / Ennea

Not completely opaque, these fine wooden partitions allow you to separate a room in two without obscuring part of it too much.

With shelves

Castorama Colors

To separate living spaces in the same room without necessarily obscuring them, opt for a library open on both sides.

Openwork partition

Castorama / Geom

To simply mark a separation of spaces, an openwork panel is sufficient.

A nice alternative to the wall

Castorama / Geom

These beautiful openwork wooden partitions in gray wood give the impression that the bedroom is separated from the rest of the apartment by very large shutters.

Storage as partitions

Castorama / Geom

By opting for slightly thick removable partitions, you can include storage space.

With shopping list

Castorama / Geom

This ultra-thin partition hides the kitchen from the eyes of guests. You can hang small plants on it and write your shopping list.

In transparency

Castorama / Geom

To avoid losing brightness, play on transparency with these removable glass partitions.

Like in an artist's studio

Leroy Merlin workshop

For a beautiful "artist's studio" effect in your kitchen, opt for these removable glass and white wood partitions.

The pinnacle of industry

Leroy Merlin

For an ultra industrial interior, opt for these beautiful wrought iron partitions.

Like old shutters

Castorama / Geom

For a smooth separation of rooms, opt for these partitions which seem to be inspired by the shutters of our country houses.

Orientable and modern blades

Castorama / Geom

For a touch of modernity choose partitions with very design adjustable slats.

For a loft effect

Leroy Merlin

For a modern loft effect, separate your rooms using beautiful wooden and glass partitions.

Choose the wood

Castorama / Geom

Stay in the classic by opting for partitions made of wood. Add a touch of modernity by choosing a model with adjustable blades that allow you to let in light.

A custom partition

Carpentry and locksmith J. Chamblas

Depending on your desires and needs, a custom partition can be the best decorative solution for your interior. We love this completely asymmetrical wooden model. Source: Carpentry and locksmith J. Chamblas

A hanging panel


To separate your rooms, bet on the originality of a hanging panel like this one. Source: Blooming

Like a ladder

Enni / Leroy Merlin

A simple perforated partition like this can be enough to properly delimit the different spaces of a room.



This removable partition has been specially designed to accommodate the plants of your choice. Source: Dedon

For good sound insulation

Buzzi Space

A suspended partition can also prove to be a very good sound insulator. Source: Buzzi Space

Pretty boudoir


Create a pretty little boudoir in your interior by opting for these beautiful rounded wooden partitions.

Modular tiles

Leroy Merlin / Spaceo

Some removable partitions give you some freedom. Here, the tiles are interchanged as desired.

Very simple white

Inspire / Leroy Merlin

It is sometimes good to bet on simplicity. Here, this entirely white removable partition is the most beautiful effect.