10 decor ideas with a strip of wallpaper

10 decor ideas with a strip of wallpaper

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With its beautiful patterns and neat textures, the wallpaper continues to be a real decorative asset in the home! But to give style to your interior, know that a single strip of wallpaper is enough provided you know how to use it. To inspire you, give you in pictures 10 ideas for a real decorative touch in your interior thanks to a strip of wallpaper.

A strip of wallpaper to dress a piece of furniture

The Collection Tired of the front of one of your storage units? Then think of the strip of wallpaper that will transform your furniture in a jiffy. You will even find trompe l'oeil models for a quirky decor.

A strip of wallpaper to decorate

The Collection Certain strips of wallpaper use very decorative styles of furniture or architectural elements to decorate a somewhat empty space, giving it life. A stylized false shelf and your interior is transformed.

A strip of poster-style wallpaper

Fly Do you love the motif of a wallpaper or simply have a few falls as a result of work? Put them on stage on your wall to create an ultra decorative effect. The trick: hang your strips of wallpaper with colored masking tape.

A strip of wallpaper to define a space

Castorama In this children's room, the strip of wallpaper used as a headboard helps to define the sleeping area of ​​the play area thanks to a very successful visual effect. An idea that you can also take up for an office space for example.

A strip of paper in a frieze style

Castorama A little audacity will lead you to use the strip of wallpaper horizontally in a frieze style and a lot of audacity will lead you to place it a few centimeters under your ceiling to create an original graphic effect to couple with bright paint.

A strip of wallpaper as a decorative element

Blomkal Why not use wallpaper as a decorative accessory? Here, we have chosen to extend its installation on the floor also so as to offer a graphic transition between the wall and the floor. Remember to protect the part of the floor with a special varnish.

A strip of wallpaper to energize a room

Leroy Merlin Have you opted for a salon with neutral colors and would you like a touch of pep? The wallpaper strip is your ally: it will bring you color and graphic line. Play the accumulation with different widths and multiply the colors for more style.

A strip of wallpaper to highlight a shelf

Leroy Merlin Wallpaper is your ally to stage your interior. Also, you can perfectly use it as a base to install shelves and give them more visual power. And it works horizontally and vertically!

A strip of wallpaper at the head of the bed

Cole and Son To make your bed the centerpiece of your bedroom, dramatize it! For a double bed, two strips of wallpaper placed up to the ceiling will be enough to give the sleeping area a headboard feel. With or without a motif, the choice is yours!