20 ideas for a child-friendly entrance

20 ideas for a child-friendly entrance

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You want to optimize or revise your entry to adapt it to the whole family, no need to go broke, we can find economical solutions that are easy to implement. The proof in 20 images!

Metal trunks and lockers for storing shoes or toys

La Redoute The advantage of these small metal storage spaces is that they are modular and above all easily cleanable. Dirty shoes and toys will have their proper place!

Funny hooks

Andreas Mikkel Hansen / La Redoute To amuse the children, why not install them original hooks made with old toys, such as animal figurines, small cars or Playmobil? La Redoute also offers beautiful metal animal hooks. Remember to hang them at their height, so that they are autonomous.

Wall storage for scooters and skates / Etsy If you are not lucky enough to have a garage or a balcony to store skates, scooters and other 2-wheeled vehicles, you can make a wall storage, which will save you space in your entrance.

A seat for each child

Bénédicte Ausset-Drummond / Gemma Comas If you have enough space in your hall, why not install small mottled school chairs or a small bench so that the whole tribe can put on their shoes comfortably?

Storage for balloons and outdoor toys / Better not put away outdoor toys in the children's room but dedicate a small place in the closet of the entrance or in the entrance. This ingenious idea allows children to easily view and catch a ball and outdoor toys. Tensioners, a wooden case and voila!

A fun shoe storage

Leroy Merlin We love this ingenious, economical and easy-to-make idea: shoe storage made from large PVC pipes. We customize it with the colors of our choice!

A personalized entry / Como organizar tu mochila For a warm entrance, to make your life and that of your children easier, install a photo of your cherubim above each coat hook.

A family command center

The homes I have made / To make life easier for the family (especially that of the parents!), We put on the family command center, where all the useful information is gathered: meeting, holidays, school trips, papers to sign, races, menus,…

Beam of time, daily calendar, routine / To help the children to find their way in time and in the tasks which they must accomplish, why not install in the entry, a beam of time, a weekly calendar and / or a list of routines of the day.

A magical entrance

Ikea This entry will fill more than one. Here, we avoid the morning traffic jams thanks to personalized storage, but not only. Not only is each basket in a different color to stand out from the others, but in addition, it is accompanied, hold on, with a nicely framed photo, and children's favorite disguises as wall decoration. Big crush!

Graphic input

Ikéa There are many fun ideas to steal at this entrance. First, there is this vast storage unit in which we removed 4 doors (those of 3 drawers and a box) to form colorful decorative niches. Result: all that is exposed there plays it museum in a dapper and graphic style. Since the furniture is suspended, the space below serves as storage for shoes and on the adjacent wall, it is a coat rack in pop colors that stores our hats and shopping bags!

A timetable entry

Ikéa After the text book, a life-size timetable! This one is as inspired as it is inspiring. Its wall lights displaying the 7 days of the week eclipse the shoe storage space at the entrance!

An arty entry

Ikéa You don't know what to do with your children's drawings? Use it to personalize the entry! On storage boxes, characters representing dad, mom, brothers and sisters will have enough to breathe space, the "little schoolboy" trend, to be completed by other homemade works of art to display on a magnetic board !

A fanciful entry

Ikea To sparkle the entrance and make your children love it, no need to change everything. A big fanciful curtain is enough! Pulled, it will hide the multiple storage spaces and at the same time plant good humor. Blow of heart for this one and its flamingos in series.

A shifted entry

Ikéa Large golden frames as if they came straight out of a tale, a large coat rack adorned with colored pastilles as if it came out of our imagination: this is what will delight the toddlers! Especially since the shoe storage is in the "free" zone ...

An entry at low altitude

Ikéa The particularity of this entry? See life in low furniture, the size of toddlers!

Photogenic input

Ikéa To switch the entrance to the "family" side, we put on family photos. Version magnets, frames and photos to clip, and the room changes completely!

An entrance that sticks us

dé A few masking tape ribbons distributed on the walls, and the entrance gains in color and fantasy. We hang the keys, the glasses, the cap ... And our child's soul comes back.

Tex-stylized entry

Ikéa Second proof that the curtains can change everything in the entrance. Here, we even bet on a patchwork of festive and colorful patterns to ensure that children will validate 200%…