Pop attitude in the teenage bedroom

Pop attitude in the teenage bedroom

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The need to assert themselves, teens also transpose it into the decor of their room! The room where they like to take refuge for hours becomes a reflection of their tastes and their influences. In the spotlight: pop attitude! Attention, the result has character.

Pop'Art spirit

Conforama ### White and bright red, this is the winning duo of this room full of pep and fantasy. The pop painting covered with red polka dots is a nod to the bed linen, which has the same patterns. The white walls are animated by the imposing passion red headboard and by the neon in the shape of a guitar. Feminine, invigorating and trendy, this room has what it takes to appeal to young, somewhat rebellious young ladies.

Comic spirit

Fly ### In search of independence, teens dream of a sofa corner to welcome their friends. The "super hero" bench invested under this mezzanine perfectly meets this desire! In addition, its BD style dressing brings a whimsical side to the room. Notice to fans of Comics!

British spirit

Goal ### After the United States, England! The British flag and the inscription "London" are displayed to dress a parade of cushions and poufs. The Anglo-Saxon pop rock musical influence, as the drums in the corner of the room suggest, is certainly the guideline of this British decor.

Flashy spirit

Goal ### Pop atmospheres are above all characterized by color! All shades are allowed provided they are flashy. Here, it is the tangy green of the poufs, storage and headboard that perfectly embodies the dynamism of adolescents. And to complete it all, the final touch is none other than the bed linen version of the metro map to accentuate the urban side.