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5 ideas to bring red into the kitchen

5 ideas to bring red into the kitchen

Red is a color that will undoubtedly energize your kitchen! Very trendy, in this room, red stimulates creativity and makes the room very warm and friendly. Here are 5 ideas to bring red into your kitchen.

A dark red kitchen

Aviva ### For a very designer style, you can choose red-colored furniture in a lacquered material and opt for walls and accessories in neutral colors that will highlight the kitchen elements.

A red frame for a black kitchen

Aviva ### To bring an original and dynamic touch to the kitchen, you can create a colorful frame around the furniture. Here the black lacquered furniture is sublimated by a brick red frame for a very warm rendering.

Some red furniture among the black

Goal ### To spice up the kitchen, you can also mix several colors on the kitchen elements. To wake up a kitchen with black furniture, add some bright red cupboards.

A red floor and some red cupboards

Leroy Merlin ### Finally, for a pop atmosphere, play with color! In this very colorful kitchen, two kitchen cupboards meet the very bright red floor for an original and vitamin look.