Shelves as tables

Shelves as tables

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Like a large blank page, dressing your wall can be a difficult task. The paintings are expensive, the posters have become has been and putting nothing would bring a feeling of emptiness in your room. Why not use all your favorite objects and fill this empty space, by placing them on shelves? Here in pictures, 10 decorative versions of shelves that save you the day…

Display your dishes

Ikea Much less expensive than tall furniture or a dresser, place your most beautiful dishes on simple white shelves.

Shelves with integrated doors

Ikea Hide what is not aesthetic by adding doors to the cubic shelves. Grouped on the wall, they furnish the surface with clothing.

Like cubes

Ikea Cubic shelves fill the empty surface of the wall and highlight objects.

Bright shelves

Ikea Use the surface under the shelves to install lighting spots. A beautiful staging of the wall that takes on its full meaning in the evening.

One-piece shelves

Ikea Furniture-like, this block of shelves accommodates books, CDs or DVDs to become a beautiful storage space.

A duo of white and blue colors

Ikea To dress your wall very gently, play on a duo of blue and white tones. White shelves and white objects on a sky-blue wall stand out clearly for a nice highlight.


Ikea Very discreet, these shelves merge with the wall, because painted the same color, they blend into the decor.


Ikea Hung by an ingenious system that hides the fasteners, these shelves are suspended from the wall.

Shelves to break corners

Alinea Break the corners of your room by placing shelves in the corners. In pairs, one on top of the other, they occupy the space and know how to be useful for storing their belongings.