Flooring: 10 finishes for porcelain stoneware

Flooring: 10 finishes for porcelain stoneware

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Porcelain stoneware is a great coating for the home. Appreciated for its great resistance, porcelain stoneware is a type of tile whose composition is rich in clay, quartz and feldspar. Its appearance is very varied because it can imitate many materials, be it stone or wood. A quick overview of 10 finishes that porcelain stoneware can offer you.

Timeless porcelain stoneware

Castorama For a refined and timeless style, porcelain stoneware is adorned with immaculate white and has the considerable advantage of being scratch-resistant and therefore of resisting important passages. Ideal in a bathroom or a designer interior.

Porcelain stoneware for a classic floor

Castorama If you want a timeless floor that is warm and easy to live with, beige glazed porcelain stoneware offers a textured finish. The look is very mineral for a trendy and lasting style.

Porcelain stoneware plays with authenticity

Castorama In an interior that wants to play the authenticity card, porcelain stoneware is placed in chameleon and then imitates wood and its material in a stunning effect that brings a lot of warmth to the room.

Raw spirit porcelain stoneware

Castorama For a trendy look, you can also buy porcelain stoneware in a coarser finish and a very trendy anthracite gray color. This type of tiling can then be installed in a designer interior or a more loft space.

Rustic porcelain stoneware

Castorama For an interior in a country chic style, porcelain stoneware also plays the role of stone by offering an authentic and textured look that will bring warmth to your interior while refining the style of your interior.

Cement tile porcelain stoneware

Castorama To bring an authentic look to the home, porcelain stoneware also has patterns! The sandstone is then transformed into cement tiles for a traditional touch in the house and infinitely personalized floors.

Chic version porcelain stoneware

Saint Maclou For a very classic chic style in the house, porcelain stoneware can also be polished for a very shiny finish that will not fail to illuminate the house. We choose a beige tone to accentuate the classic effect.

Terracotta-style porcelain stoneware

Saint Maclou For a more traditional interior, porcelain stoneware perfectly imitates terracotta and offers large tiles in natural colors that perfectly match interiors with authentic taste.

Concrete look porcelain stoneware

Saint Maclou Finally, for a very modern look that is suitable for both designer interiors and more industrial, it is on concrete that we put but in porcelain stoneware version to offer the durability and practicality of this material .