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Paints to revamp my kitchen

Paints to revamp my kitchen

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It is possible to give a new look to the kitchen without undertaking major works! With very specific paints and aerosols, you can restore old-fashioned furniture, scratched household appliances, worn-out walls or damaged floors with a few brush strokes. The proof in pictures!

Paint to customize furniture

Libéron How about repainting old kitchen furniture in color rather than changing it? Here, it is a patina with an aged effect which gives it a traditional Provencal look. A double-winning idea since it is both inexpensive and easy to implement. It's your turn to give your furniture a facelift if you choose a suitable paint.

Paint to renovate appliances

Julien The Julien brand has just launched a paint intended for the renovation of household appliances marked by time, whether they are scratched or chipped. Covered with 4 or 5 passages of "Gray Alu" paint, refrigerator or dishwasher regain their original shine and shine, as these two images demonstrate. In addition to refurbishing appliances, this paint protects the metal from rust!

Paint to repaint floors

Libéron Parquet, tiles, concrete… Whatever the nature of your floor, Libéron's range of special floor paints will dress it up to give it a whole new look! The palette of choice is wide: from mole to brick red, there is something for everyone. And to further personalize it, put on stencils!

Paint to repaint the walls

Libéron Another solution to change the decor of the kitchen? Repaint the walls! No more worn walls, we give them a new life by dressing them in the color of our choice, whether pastel or colorful! To your rollers and your brushes!


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