Inspiration to decorate your terrace

Inspiration to decorate your terrace

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When the warm weather arrives, it's time to think about the layout of your terrace! Are you going to opt for a pop, design, nature or ethnic style? Here are some moods to help you choose.

Terrace modern design wood furniture orange

Stéphane Rambaud Ultra design terrace mixing the warmth of wood with flashy orange metal furniture. For a very modern and contemporary terrace.

Terrace riad furniture wrought iron colorful pillows candles

Maisons du Monde Marrakech ambiance with wrought iron furniture and colorful and shimmering cushions. A few floor cushions bring a friendly and relaxing side.

Shaded terrace wood contemporary arbor garden

Castorama Shaded atmosphere on the terrace thanks to a timeless arbor. The wood and the tiles on the floor make this terrace a contemporary place.

Terrace slabs lawn basin large pots

Seaside atmosphere with the alliance of a lawn and a tiled terrace. The non-alignment of the tiles brings a natural side to the terrace.

Lapeyre synthetic grass grating clip on terrace

Lapeyre Synthetic grass is ideal for a balcony for example. It is found in gratings to clip at Lapeyre.

Castorama anthracite gray tiling contemporary design terrace

Castorama Terrace in anthracite gray tiling for a contemporary or even designer atmosphere. The color will bring a little pep to this terrace. White or black furniture will bring a very design side.

Castorama terrace light wood tree led

Castorama Light wood on the ground for this contemporary terrace. The LED inlay provides mood lighting at night. The furniture is sober and timeless.

Lapeyre pebbles grating terrace nature countryside accessories oranges

Lapeyre Terrace in natural pebbles to clip. The installation of the roller gratings is quick and simple. For a nature and countryside atmosphere.

Terrace light raw wood chalet rustic nature

Cocoun Terrace very natural even rustic all in wood. Light wood is very trendy and brings a raw nature side.


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