10 flowers to make a success of your beds and spring planters

10 flowers to make a success of your beds and spring planters

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For the past few weeks, garden center stalls have been filled with pots of colorful flowers, all full of promise of magnificent blooms. To flourish, each waits only for the arrival of the first beautiful days. So, a few days before the onset of the warm season, discover 10 varieties that will do wonders in your beds and planters, even in your rock gardens or low walls. It's time to plant them!

The primrose

J-F. Mahé Primroses are not necessarily the light yellow flower of the slopes of our childhood. There are all kinds of varieties, in various colors, plain or variegated. You will install them in a planter, in a rock garden, in a massif or on the edge. They will bloom from year to year without requiring maintenance. A simple investment with guaranteed bet!

Dwarf bellflower

J-F. Mahé Romantic as hell, the dwarf bellflowers with double flowers work wonders in planters. They are ideal on small balconies where space is limited and where one seeks the maximum effect in a minimum of space!

Iceland poppy

J-F. Mahé Do not trust its apparent fragility. The Iceland poppy is a rustic plant which does not fear negative temperatures and which will thus be one of the first to take place in the massifs. It will then offer you the beauty of its flowers with bright and almost translucent petals.


J-F. Mahé The daisy, yes, but not just any! This "Easter flower" of the "galaxy" variety is as colorful and flirtatious as its cousin of the fields is white and modest. It is a biennial which will provide a new flowering in the fall, to make you enjoy once again the cheerfulness of its thick ruff.


J-F. Mahé The forget-me-not, so discreet that one would almost forget it! This flower that one would almost want to describe as shy is one of the emblems of spring, with its clusters of small open corollas, but kept under good protection between the large fluffy leaves. Choose it pink, blue or white, the charm is the same. Also dare the mixture, with the daisies for example.

The hellebore

J-F. Mahé Hellebore will offer you its elegant flowering from the heart of winter to the first moments of spring. You will plant it in beds or in a planter, making sure to cut the wilted flowers regularly in order to stimulate flowering.


J-F. Mahé With its clusters of flowers in the shape of wolf mouths, the snapdragon is a slightly obsolete plant that deserves to be rediscovered. Its good resistance to drought makes it an interesting flower for full sun and container growing. Not to mention that all sizes and all colors - from the softest to the most tonic - are in nature.


J-F. Mahé The dwarf bellflower has the charm of simplicity with its star-shaped flowers that work wonders in rock gardens, on the edges or in ground cover.

The wallflower

J-F. Mahé Their heady smell is one that we do not forget, and that we seek to find each spring. Plant your cloves in a pot or in a flower bed, near the house, to make the most of their delicious fragrance. You can also install them in your low walls to which they will cling and where they will resemble year after year.


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