A chic table decor for elegant dinners

A chic table decor for elegant dinners

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Entertaining is truly an art because if the kitchen is to be up to par, the decoration of your table must give a taste of your dinner. And for meals under the sign of elegance, here are some chic tables that will inspire you.

A refined table

Chilewich The decoration of the chic table is purified with simple and elegant table linen and dishes with simple lines. For the table to be ventilated, do not multiply the containers but opt ​​for the bare necessities. Choose trendy colors like gray or taupe.

The sublimated glassware

Delamaison To bring a very elegant touch to the table, do not hesitate to have your most beautiful dishes. Multiply the glasses to give height to your table and light a few small candles that will make the glassware sparkle.

Elegant materials

Luminarc If you have a beautiful wooden table, prefer placemats to a tablecloth to enhance your table. Choose sets in a natural material to bring out the grain of the wood. Bet on white dishes that will contrast with the rest of the table.

Elegant shapes

Villeroy and Boch Finally, know that you can bet on dishes with original shapes. Choose plates with curved lines and glasses with very thin legs so that the dishes bring elegance to the table.