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10 decorative ideas with wood

10 decorative ideas with wood

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Wood is one of the house's favorite materials because it offers many technical but also decorative possibilities. Much appreciated for the cachet it gives at home, it is both trendy and timeless in all its uses that we suggest you discover in pictures.

Wood on the walls

Gascogne Wood Products If you want a chalet atmosphere but in a more contemporary version, you can use wood and more particularly the paneling that will decorate your walls to give them a lot of warmth.

A wood imitation

GRAHAM & BROWN If you do not want to do the necessary work for the installation of the paneling, know that the wallpaper plays the card of the trompe l'oeil and dress your wooden walls in the blink of an eye. Wooden slats, wooden logs or other variations, originality is essential!

Wood on the floor

Saint Maclou The most frequent use of wood in the house is probably on the ground! Parquet is one of the most appreciated coatings to bring cachet and conviviality to the house. Wood has the advantage of having many nuances to match all styles.

Wooden furniture

Fly Of course, to bring wood into the house, you can call on the furniture. All categories exist in wood and you can even treat yourself to a kitchen with wooden furniture. Rustic or design, both are possible with wood.

Wood and decorative items

Robin du Lac Since the dawn of time, wood has been used to make objects. Today, it is a darling of designers to make many decorative objects such as these classic candle holders that give style to the house.

And even the dishes

LSA International More than decorative objects, wood has also spread to dishes! If there is no shortage of wooden plates yet, we gladly use this material for elegant and traditional serving dishes.

Wood for interior joinery

Lapeyre Wood is also the material of choice for interior carpentry. Thus, it is not uncommon to opt for doors, windows or even wooden stairs for a warm and timeless interior.

Structural elements

Leroy Merlin Wood really makes it possible to achieve many forms. Thus, it is the material that is most easily used to create structural elements in the house such as a railing.

Wood outside

Leroy Merlin Outside, too, wood is king! From the terrace floor to the garden fence and furniture, wood is everywhere to keep a natural look in the garden.