The bathroom adopts new colors at the start of the school year

The bathroom adopts new colors at the start of the school year

The bathroom has seen many changes in recent years: larger, more practical, we now like it aesthetic and personalized. Young and old alike are lingering more and more in this room where blue and white have reigned supreme for several decades! As you approach the start of the new school year, don't hesitate to shake up the codes! The traditional seaside blue now gives way to more punchy colors - fuchsia, anise green or duck blue - but also to soft tones straight from the Nordic countries.

Punchy red

Laufen Laufen presents us with a daring but perfectly successful combination. The combination of red and vitamin pink awakens this classic-looking bathroom and gets the day off to a good start!

Pastel sweetness

The bathroom takes on a Scandinavian look and adopts the soft colors associated with the Nordic style. The mixture of blue, gray and cream tones goes perfectly with the blond wood of the furniture: a timeless combination to adopt for back to school!

Vitamin peach

Deco-Maison The peach color is making a comeback and is being installed in the bathroom to gently warm the atmosphere. We like this alternative to overly classic beige tones and slightly aggressive traditional orange.

Blue Duck

Mobalpa Exit the traditional blue seaside, so often associated with the bathroom in the 80s and 90s, and make way for duck blue! Modern and timeless, it intelligently energizes this child's bathroom.

Pink and gray: the unexpected association

Espace Aubade Pink, unconventional in the bathroom, is nevertheless a color of choice because it has the advantage of giving a good glow and brightening the mood. By associating it as here with a pretty zinc-plated gray, we reduce the girly side to make it a beautiful mixed and contemporary space.

Dried lemon

Mobalpa Mobalpa offers a bias that is as unexpected as it is modern with this yellow and black bathroom. The traditional codes are shaken up and the space is completely redesigned for a fun and quirky result!

Storm Blue Storm blue - a mixture of blue and black - is the revelation color of the new school year and goes perfectly with the bathroom. Mixed with white and raw materials, it personalizes the decor by bringing a touch of authenticity.

Black & white: the classic graphic

Espace Aubade The mix of black and white remains a timeless classic that knows how to be discreet, without falling into monotony. Very graphic, this combination is available in all styles - from the most retro to the most design.

Toned fushia

Regia What if you put a little punch in the bathroom? With a nice fuchsia, the tone is set! We love the modern and girly atmosphere of this bath space imagined by Regia.