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Zoom on curtain tiebacks

Zoom on curtain tiebacks

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The decorative touch that enhances the windows is the curtains! But for the meticulous people who think about every detail, it is out of the question to leave the choice of the kiss to chance. Here are the 5 possibilities available to you to surround your draped curtains, it's up to you to draw your favorite!

Cable tieback

Heytens ### Beautifully braided cords or a strip of fabric as above, the wired tiebacks surround the curtains by folding them over the sides. Here, the kiss is chosen in the same fabric of the curtains to be ultra discreet and 100% harmonious.

Knotted tieback

3 Suisses ### In an atmosphere that aims to be feminine, flirtatious or romantic, we say yes to knotted ties. Rather than disappearing from the side of the window, the curtain is highlighted in the middle of the opening, gracefully held by a large knot. Ladies and gentlemen, here is a kiss you should like ...

Brooch-shaped tieback

3 Suisses ### Another example of curtains tied in the center of the window. Surrounded by a brooch, whether square, round, in the shape of a flower or a butterfly, they hold out. Because windows also have the right to a precious and distinguished touch…

Magnetic tieback

3 Suisses ### With magnetic tiebacks, investing the two sides of the window with hooks around which the curtains are brought back is unnecessary. They are surrounded by a thin cord at the ends of which, decorative magnetic tips (round, square, colored or not) are attached through the fabric. Practical and aesthetic!