Accumulation, an idea to remember this season

Accumulation, an idea to remember this season

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Zen and minimalist, forgotten. Make way for accumulation this season! Frames, flowers, lockers, candle holders, tealight holders are displayed in strips on walls, furniture or shelves. A style effect which is inspired by cabinets of curiosities and which frees the codes of decoration without personality. Our selection in 10 images for inspiration.

In a cabinet of curiosity spirit

Bloomingville The "cabinet of curiosity" style decoration lends itself particularly to the game of accumulation. Death's-head, objects under the globe and old books are enough to breathe life into the mind.

A la queuleuleu

Bloomingville Play with repetition using the same shape in the support but in different dimensions. Aligned horizontally, they are duplicated on the wall for a setting that changes from the ordinary.

Unstructured but balanced

Bloomingville Here, the shelves play the accumulation but this time, they are of different shapes and sizes. Hanging on the wall in a carefully studied disorder, they energize the wall.

Monochrome in white

Bloomingville Dramatize the accumulation all the more by thematizing it with color. Dishes and objects are duplicated only in white.

Coat hooks everywhere

Bloomingville The accumulation of coat hooks on the wall takes up all the space. Like a constellation, they dress the wall and dress in the sandstone of visits.

The art of staging ikea

Ikea The art of accumulating objects goes well through color, form or even function. But it is also possible to play the staging by creating a mini-scenette to give a window sill or a table a state of mind.

Like a moonboard

Bloomingville Give a "style board" spirit by taping photos that inspire you with masking tape. In the same range of tone, it plays in numbers and enlivens the wall.

Even at the table!

Bemz Bring your dining table to life throughout the day, by placing the dishes on the tray that will be used at mealtime.

Always tidy

Ikea Which accumulation does not necessarily say disorder. Supporting evidence with this library that hosts books. Wisely stored in lockers, they are classified by color for a very visual decorative effect.