Optimize the space in the garage

Optimize the space in the garage

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The garage's storage potential should not be underestimated. Out of season business, gardening or DIY accessories and even the laundry area can easily find a place to free up living rooms. It is still necessary to apply a few golden rules in order to make the most of the space and thus make the garage a very functional place. Presentation.

Make the ceiling a storage space

Leroy Merlin ### Metal bars, hooks and ropes, that's what you need to hang a windsurfing board, a stepladder or garden furniture on the ceiling. Or how to remove the most bulky accessories to benefit from all the space in terms of storage, as if nothing had happened.

Use the walls

Leroy Merlin ### The walls in turn give us a hand to free the floor. Bikes, rakes, garden hoses or ironing boards are exposed without complex and without cluttering the space. Simple and efficient.

Everything has its place

Leroy Merlin ### The danger when you store in the garage, all these things whose usefulness is not daily, is to accumulate without filing until you get a real bric-a-brac. In order for the garage to remain above all functional and to be found there quickly, it is essential to prioritize order and storage. Each wall section and shelf must be associated with a very specific area, the laundry area, cleaning products, DIY or foodstuffs, even if it means labeling everything. We breathe, we save time.

Do not encroach on the center of the garage

Leroy Merlin ### For the sake of clarity and practicality, it is essential that the cupboards be pressed against the wall, as if they marked the perimeter of the space. Once again, the anti-bazaar spirit rules. Certainly, but by avoiding having furniture and accessories in the middle of the garage, we do not take away from this surface its primary function: to enter the car inside whenever we want!