The curtains dare the original patterns

The curtains dare the original patterns

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At the start of the school year, the house focuses on originality. So, for the curtains: there is no question of being content with sad plain fabrics or classic patterns! Rather, we put on original or even extravagant patterns that will awaken the decor. Here is our selection of 10 curtains to adopt according to your style.

Still life

Ikea The previous seasons, naturalism and its botanical plates were the stars of the decoration. For the start of the school year, we do not hesitate to display our favorite on the curtains also with these stylized patterns of tree branches.

Vintage geometric

La Redoute As you may have noticed, the diamond is the new favorite motif in decoration. But if it appeared so far on the cushions and plaids for a vintage air, it is now squarely on the curtains.

Shock scratches

Stof Classic stripes? Very little for the back to school decor! We dare the graphic and colorful stripes that energize the decor with their pure lines and bright colors.

Bucolic atmosphere

Stof For a bucolic atmosphere in the romantic room, liberty is no longer the only reason to find its place. We can now dare multicolored butterflies!

Postal trend

Stof The postal trend had so far found its place on cushions and travel trunks stamped with stamps and other stamps. Here it also arrives on the curtains like a holiday passport.

Graphic patterns

Saint Maclou To awaken the back-to-school pieces, the patterns do not hesitate to play the card of originality thanks to color! Dots, stripes and tiles dare the bright colors and mix without complex.

Original pattern

Ikea In this living room, the curtains skillfully respond to the sofas thanks to their color and are the centerpiece in terms of pattern thanks to an original style that brightens the windows and with them all the decor.

Funny lines

Ikea For a quirky interior where the curtains play the humorous card, we can adopt a funny companion in the form of curtains. Once gathered the gentleman on the right curtain, joined the lady on the left.

Travel curtains

Stof Finally, the travel trend with the flagship city of New York is sure to appeal to fans of the American dream. And to match the excess of the city, we display curtains in the colors of the United States. A trip to the heart of the show!