Divide to better organize

Divide to better organize

Not always easy to tidy up in a small apartment… or elsewhere! The best ? Opt for smart storage. We divide the spaces - the rooms, the drawers and the cupboards. Stock up on furnishing ideas according to your needs but also your desires.

A whole section of wall

Ikea In a studio, the trick is often to group. But it is obviously essential then to use containers and to structure spaces by category. We then divide the everyday items, easily accessible and the more occasional products, often stored at height or in larger boxes.

Two pieces in one

Ikea We define spaces with partitioned furniture. Here, there is a sleeping area with a dressing room and the other a lounge area with library. The storage spaces are then multiplied by two, creating a very practical separation rather than having only existing walls.

We learn to share

Leroy Merlin Same principle in the children's room. Each has its sleeping area and storage spaces on one side and the other of the partition furniture. Very practical when you only have one room for two children!

Even in the drawers

Ikea We separate the various storage spaces in the house with small compartments. Here, we optimize those in the bathroom but we also think about them for kitchen utensils and for some dressing accessories.

All in transparency

Ikea A real basic storage! For the garage or for the laundry room, we prefer large transparent boxes. It is always easier to know what has been stored in it.

All in cages!

Julien Paintings In a workshop-style office, we like practical furniture that is easy to access. To stay in the spirit, we choose an industrial style furniture in metal. The lockers define the storage spaces and the wire mesh effect lets you know the location of the desired object directly.

To organize your days

Vertbaudet We adapt to a weekly type of furniture to structure its tasks according to its timetable. Here, in a child's bedroom, for a young teenager entering college, this is the practical asset of the room.

Squared !

Ikea For the dressing room, the cupboards and drawers are arranged in a box style. With these square lockers, you divide your wardrobe into categories but you also give it a nice style, very geometric and above all well organized.

The madness of decorative boxes

House Doctor They invade the house. There are all shapes and colors for any style. And this storage system makes it easy to store small equipment with great harmony. A concept widely used in Scandinavian interiors. We take example!