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10 pieces from the manufacturer Knoll become design icons

10 pieces from the manufacturer Knoll become design icons

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Knoll is an international furniture manufacturer based in New York. Since its creation in 1938, the company combines design, quality and innovation. Extremely creative, the collections are aimed at both individuals and management offices and the brand can boast of finding 30 of their products exhibited at MoMA. Return the most emblematic pieces.

The Straight seat, Georges Nakashima

Knoll - Georges Nakashima We recognize in this chair the cabinetmaking talents of the creator. The mat finish enhances and reveals the shine of the wood.

The Tulip chair, Eero Saarinen

Knoll - Eero saarinen It is a design classic, the Tulip chair was created in 1956 for Knoll. Made with experimental materials for its time, such as fiberglass, it is exhibited at MoMA.

The small diamond armchair, Harry Bertoia

Knoll- Harry Bertoia Composed of steel wire, this armchair is inspired by the size of a diamond. Light in structure, the armchair is embellished with a seat cushion. Created in 1952, it is a classic in design.

Florence sofa, Florence Knoll

Knoll- Florence Knoll Wife of designer Hans Knoll, Florence Knoll ran the company after the death of her husband in 1955 until 1965. Designer, she created for society this geometric and comfortable sofa made of luxurious materials.

The Barcelona fireside chair, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Knoll- Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Created for the Universal Exhibition in Barcelona in 1929, this elegant, comfortable fireside chair is a design must.

Coffee table, Alexander Girard

Knoll- Alexander Girard Designed in 1945, the Alexander Girard living room coffee table perfectly reflects the refined taste and style so appreciated by the 1950s. Its organic and asymmetrical shaped top can be in oak or walnut veneer.

Tulip dining table, Eero Saarinen

Knoll - Eero saarinen Designed in 1956, Eero Saarinen wanted to free the table from its bulky legs by placing a tray on a central leg. Bet won with this table which has become an icon of design.

Design stool, Warren Platner

Knoll- Warren Platner Created just after being associated with Eero Saarinen, Warren Platner composed this stool in welded steel wire to give it an arched and sculptural shape. Capped with a cushion to make it more comfortable, it is an elegant and original booster seat and coordinates with an armchair of the same style.

Wassily chair, Marcel Breuer

Knoll- Marcel Breuer A carpenter by training from the Bauhaus, Marcel Breuer found the inspiration to create this chair at the sight of his bicycle handlebars. A design classic that hasn't aged a bit.


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