10 masculine kitchens

10 masculine kitchens

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Men are spending more and more time in the kitchen. In fact, since women are no longer confined to the home and they are working, the sharing of household tasks is more and more equitable. Formerly reserved for half, the man takes possession of the kitchen.


Aviva Power and performance can also be synonymous with usability. If this is your case, you will appreciate a large worktop, which can also be used as a bar for snacking or as a table for dining with friends.


Aviva Here, we play the neutrality card with gray and minimalist cuisine. To avoid an overly moody atmosphere, do not hesitate to add splashes of color.

Made of metal

Ikéa Metal furniture and appliances give the kitchen a professional look. Note that the majority of starred chefs are men. So to feel like at the head of a large restaurant, we choose the metallic option.


Leroy merlin Are you a man and do you like color? Here is the solution: white furniture with simple design and pop walls to set the mood.

In wood

Mobalpa A large wooden worktop. Nothing complicated, no frills, a simple and elegant design for a modern man. We choose a raw wood and a large width to cook without disturbing anyone.


Mobalpa An oven, a microwave, a hood, hotplates ... In the kitchen as in the car, man appreciates that things go quickly and well. We choose models with a sharp design for a racing circuit atmosphere.

Dark furniture

Mobalpa In the game of black and white, you can also fall for black or dark furniture. We add a touch of life with high chairs on the bar side and a colored stool. Avoid if, however, you do not have a lot of light in the room.

In white

Mobalpa No insignificant detail here, we play the card of the modern man. The white furniture highlights the dark wooden worktop for a designer, two-tone kitchen.

Open to the show

Mobalpa Being a man is not just about having a barbecue in the summer. But to cook quietly you can choose an open kitchen to monitor cooking without taking off from the television. Who says men can't do two things at once?


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