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10 ways to green the bathroom

10 ways to green the bathroom

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Spending the summer outdoors makes decoration desires grow. In particular that of greening the room dedicated to well-being. Because if bath time goes green, it's easy to extend the tranquility of the holidays! Guaranteed success in 10 very simple recipes.

A green wall

Cedam What if one of the four walls in the bathroom becomes green? The plant table that here occupies zero space on the ground, and assiduously green the atmosphere ...

A palm

Ikea The new summer wave of your relaxation temple? A palm ! To reign in the summer at bath time until the end of the year!

Lots of greenery

Ikea By multiplying the vegetable sources, on the ground, on the walls and in the color code of the tiles, the bathroom becomes a haven of peace more real than life.


Ikéa Ivy is chic and generous. It first intrudes into the bathroom with a simple pot, then takes root as its leaves grow!

Bulk ferns

Ikéa A fern here, a fern there. In this bathroom, nature takes possession of space with small but skilfully leafy touches!

A generous plant

Ikéa Standing close to the bathtub, an imposing leafy plant is responsible for sowing the DNA of the decor, naturally plant-based. Bet won!

A lemon tree

Ikéa Another possibility to tropicalize the bathroom? Choose a green plant brought from the Mediterranean climate, a lemon tree for example. She already loves it.

A Japanese plant

Ikéa Bamboo effect in the bathroom, just to green the decor as much as to make it zen!


Ikéa Here, the plant comes down to two branches of dandelions, but its effect on the intensity of gray is more than beneficial.