10 ideas for storing magazines

10 ideas for storing magazines

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Ah magazines! We love to read them, we like a little less to watch them pile up on the coffee table in the living room. Real problem, you never really know where to store them ... We did some research and found for you 10 storage solutions.

On a scale

Kristofer Johnsson A nice ladder can also be used as a magazine rack. Source: Emmas Designblogg

Ikea's simple solutions

IKEA You can also opt for ready-made solutions like this Kvissle model from Ikea.

Under a DIY stool

NJU Studio This stool was designed by NJU studio especially for those of us who keep newspapers and magazines but never know where to put them. Source: NJU Studio

Wall magazine rack

La Redoute Intérieurs La Redoute Intérieurs offers this attractive wall-mounted steel magazine rack.

Go for simplicity

IKEA With these ikea lockers, go for simplicity and store your magazines in shelves.


Maisons du Monde Add a little exoticism to your living room decor with this pretty bamboo wood magazine rack.

Like a fence

Maisons du Monde A very refined design for this steel magazine rack by Maisons du Monde.

Use pallets

Charlotte UP / Martin Lévêque Using wooden pallets, create yourself a nice storage for your magazines. Source: Behance

Simple folded hangers

Flickr Ana Simple hangers can easily be turned into magazine racks. Source: Flickr