Maison et Objet September 2014: the candles you will not be able to do without

Maison et Objet September 2014: the candles you will not be able to do without

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Become decorative objects in their own right, candles play with materials, colors, shapes and smells to make us succumb. We unearthed at the Maison & Objet show, more original models than each other. Discover them now!


Drake A fragrance corresponding to each moment of your life, here is the concept of the MomentuM range offered by the Drake brand. Our favorite: the Venus in Love candle with a romantic box that you never keep far for the decorative touch. //


Alixx Let nature enter the living room or bedroom with this Alixx candle with scents of fig wood. The most of this candle: it has several small wicks to create a very original decor. //

Claus Porto

Claus Porto In addition to its pretty very decorative box, this candle offered by Claus Porto has a delicate floral motif on its glass. Very fragrant with its floral accents, it will extend summer in all rooms of the house. //

True grace

True Grace Seductive, romantic, glamorous, the scented candles signed True Grace are a real invitation to relaxation. Our favorite model? The Manor Amber candle that warmly dresses our interiors with its accents of lemon, bergamot with jasmine and lavender and violet.


Popup Here is a candle that sells dreams! In addition to smelling good, a diamond hides in one candle in fifty, hidden in a 100% vegetable wax. The golden ticket for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory candle version is here! //

The Little Candle

La Petite Bougie La Petite Bougie is handcrafted with carefully selected components while respecting French craftsmanship. We particularly like the Paris collection, available in three scents: Stroll under the Eiffel Tower, Stroll on the Champs-Elysées and Promenade in Montmartre. //


LA BRUKET Handcrafted in Sweden, La Bruket candles offer a wide choice of scents. The plus: they contain essential oils which have a most energizing effect on us!


Pernici The Italian class! The decorative candle brand Pernici is synonymous with daring, extravagance and of course luxury as these models with very elegant baroque decor prove to us. We dare, but sparingly!

Marianne Guedin

Marianne Guedin Lightly mixing the accents of water lily with those of the lotus flower, this delicate scented candle is ideal for moments of relaxation in the bathroom for example. It transports us in an instant to the banks of an enchanting lake. //