Decorative rooms for twin babies

Decorative rooms for twin babies

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When life spoils you as a child, it may be that you have two at the same time! So to accommodate this little world in the bedroom, discover our tips and advice to offer them a decor to match your happiness.

Decorative zoom

Vertbaudet Here we don't waste space. The beds are glued to the wall and allow babies to wake up independently of each other. Everyone has their own universe and lives their life at their own pace.

Side by side

DR In order not to disturb their initial environment known in the mother's womb, this bed accommodates two separate spaces for babies without separating them.

Decorative zoom

DR In a traditional spirit, the room is unisex and has a decor richly decorated with fabrics and wooden furniture painted white.

A twin bedroom for girl and boy

Vertbaudet Placed side by side, the two cots allow the two infants to feel the presence of one and the other. The beds are still equipped with bumper pads so that everyone has their own universe.

Decorative zoom

Vertbaudet Only the wall decoration identifies the girl side and the boy side. It is also possible to continue this effect by changing the decor on the ground with carpets, toys and plush toys.

A bedroom for twin babies terribly trendy!

Vertbaudet In order not to lose sight of the trend of the moment, the two twin beds were chosen in blond wood and in a Scandinavian spirit. To this harmony, is added the softness of the walls painted in gray blue for an atmosphere which mixes the codes of the decoration version 2013 for trendy babies.

Decorative zoom

Vertbaudet The beds are placed in the center of the room to allow free movement around them. This practical arrangement is to be reserved for large rooms. Small spaces refrain at the risk of losing precious space!


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