Smart, progressive beds for children!

Smart, progressive beds for children!

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So as not to invest every year in a bed for your child who is growing visibly, think of evolving beds which adapt according to the size and age of your little one. From birth to 4 years old, or even more, discover beds that have a lot in mind.

A curvy bed

Caribou Very design, this baby bed can be adjusted in two positions depending on the age of your child. Including a changing table and drawers to have everything close at hand, this egg-shaped bed will be a real cocoon for baby.

A bed that has a lot in mind

Caribou The changing table becomes a clever desk and frees up space to become a games platform. Then the bed blew up the bars to become a big bed!

A combined baby bed becomes a real bed

Vertbaudet At the same time saving space and transformable, each element for baby becomes independent to compose a child's room with a bed, a chest of drawers with niches and a bookshelf.

A do-it-all bed

Vertbaudet Comprising a bed with bars, a changing table, shelves and drawers, this piece of furniture evolves into a complete junior bedroom when the child grows up.

A small bed that becomes very large for a very long time

Vertbaudet This bed, three in one, is at the same time a cradle up to 4 months of baby, a cot with bars adjustable in height in 3 positions and a bench for children.

A romantic little girl's bed

Vertbaudet With its arabesques, this bed follows your child's growth by offering two sleeping lengths.

A girl's bench seat

Vertbaudet When Mademoiselle has grown up, this bed transforms into an extra bench to accommodate the confidences between friends.

A Lego® bed

Magis This children's bed with a fun and playful concept is built like a Lego®. In pop colors, it will surely please children!

A space-saving and practical bed

Vertbaudet This cradle transforms into a baby bed, and becomes a comfortable bench for relaxation and reading.