A comeback under the sign of audacity

A comeback under the sign of audacity

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Audacity, according to the dictionary, is synonymous with courage. Someone daring knows no limits or obstacles. So after a relaxing vacation, we come back swollen. More in shape than ever, it's time to have fun and dare. A quick overview of what we dare to go back to school!

We dare: the collection

House Doctor Here a nice collection of earthen vases. We then plant in some flowers as in soliflores. Another version of the collection: the boxes. Small, large, patterned or plain ... We stack, we collect and we make a decorative collection.

We dare: the original lamp

House Doctor Is your living room or bedroom lacking "pep's"? It is not a concern! We play the bold decor card with an original lamp which becomes the flagship piece of the room.

We dare: the superposition

House Doctor On the floor with carpets, on the sofa with plaids or on the walls with photos, layers, materials and colors are superimposed. Thus, we create personalized atmospheres where we combine all our favorite pieces.

We dare: take down the frames

House Doctor Since the Renaissance, master paintings have been hung in private interiors. Still hanging on the walls, the habit remained. But in 2013 it is time to change the air by taking down his canvases, his photos, his posters. They are placed directly on the floor or on the dresser.

We dare: plants

Ikea In the bathtub, it's a solution like any other, but more simply in pots, tubs, vases… We put them everywhere, it reminds us of spring and summer, even if it's back to school and soon fall.

We dare: the patterns

La Redoute In an ultra-colorful version here at La Redoute, you combine two daring back-to-school trends: colors and patterns. In order not to weigh down the whole, we play it soft on the rest of the room: light and neutral colors.

We dare: transparency

La Redoute Thanks to new technological advances, transparency has invaded the house. This time we play the maxi version: table, chairs, shelves, door ... Plastic or glass, transparency is everywhere.

We dare: the XXL rug

Maisons du monde At Maisons du Monde, we love this XXL version carpet, which is almost 4 meters long and 2.5 m wide. He invests the whole room, to keep the feet warm when winter arrives.

We dare: the traditional

Maisons du monde By dint of wanting to go too far, you end up getting lost. To avoid this, we take the wave in the opposite direction by choosing a chic decor. Stemware, sparkling cutlery… We put small dishes in large ones, even on a daily basis, to play against the tide.