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A wooden bed for the child's room!

A wooden bed for the child's room!

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If wood is making a comeback in the living room and in the kitchen, the children's room is not to be outdone! In fact, the children's room turns to a traditional style, sometimes deliciously retro, with a very decorative wooden bed as its centerpiece. Discover in pictures some wooden beds that could well be found in the room of your toddlers.

A retro style bed

Goal ### To bring a nostalgic touch in the children's room, we put on this wooden bed which has multiple storage spaces in its lower part so that the little ones can store their toys. With these simple and chic lines, it recalls old beds and will adapt very well to an industrial style for example.

A practical bed

La Redoute ### More modern but no less practical, this bed also has storage space under the mattress to accommodate books and other toys. To make your child feel like a cocoon, he has a railing on three sides. In terms of decoration, its textured wood will bring a traditional and warm touch to the room.

Recovered atmosphere

La Redoute ### For an original style, you can bet on this flea market spirit bed with letters printed as a stencil on a white banner. The bed will bring a recovered spirit which will go very well with an industrial decoration.

Traditional spirit

La Redoute ### Finally, to create a room that has the charm of the old, we put on this boat bed in solid pine which also has drawers in its lower part. This child's bed will be ideal in a country house for example.