Trendy chalk board in the kitchen

Trendy chalk board in the kitchen

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Writing on the kitchen walls with chalk has become a trend to follow. With a large blackboard, a slate sticker or Gribouille paint to write on the walls as on an erasable board, we leave words, we write a recipe, a date to remember or even the shopping list! Zoom on this useful and fun decoration.

A slate credenza

Goal ### This credenza is not common! Chosen in slate, it acts as a memo and notepad on the wall. It's practical and original!

A slate sticker

Ikéa ### Is it its very small price or its ease of installation that make the slate adhesive so coveted in the kitchen? Anyway, installed above the work plan, it does us a lot of services since we write a recipe or the ingredients of a dish that we are about to cook. Without counting the many playful forms available on the market, sometimes adopting the silhouette of an animal, sometimes that of a plant.

A wall like an erasable board

Maison Décorative ### At Maison Décorative, Gribouille paint transforms walls into erasable… colorful paintings! For anyone who dreams of adding color to the kitchen and writing on the walls, this is the solution. Choice of: blackcurrant, gray, orange, pink or black.

A blackboard hanging on the wall

Ikéa ### What if it was simply a real schoolboy painting that adorned one of the kitchen walls? One or two chalks are placed there, a sponge and if it is equipped with a series of coat hooks like this, it is also used as a support for the tea towels. In summary, here is an authentic giant notepad for lovers of retro and traditional atmospheres.