Aquatic beauties

Aquatic beauties

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Our beloved land is not alone in being able to offer asylum to flowers. Its aquatic cousin also has this ability to allow the prettiest plants to flourish in colorful blooms. We already knew that flowers can swing at the end of branches in spring, that they originate in our beds and gardens, but we thought less of the fact that even simple banks, swamps and ponds could have their moments of glory. It is enough to be convinced to bend over the dark waters to notice that they are sometimes punctuated by flowers whose beauty has nothing to envy to that of their terrestrial counterparts. They are called water lily, lotus, loosestrife ... discover them and admire them here!

Peltata nymphoides

J-F. Mahé Another aquatic plant with sparkling yellow flowers, here is the small water lily (nymphoides peltata). If we seek a comparison again, this time, it is with the zucchini that we could attempt a comparison. Easy going and prolific, this small water lily can easily become invasive. Make sure to contain it, by doing so you will not take anything away from its charm!

Sulfur-scented water lily

J-F. Mahé Contemplate… and smell! When the sulphurous scented water lily blooms in the light of day, it is both to offer contemplation its heart delicately tinged with yellow and let its scent fly around it. Is it to seduce passing dragonflies?

Deer mint

J-F. Mahé There too, the aromas are there… like its peppery sister, the mint of deer enchants as much by its fragrant and finely cut foliage as by its pretty melliferous mauve flowers which are the meeting place for browsers…

Hybrid water lily

J-F. Mahé Here is a hybrid variety of nunéphar, which is just waiting for a pond with peaceful waters, less than a meter high, to flourish and offer you its flowering, pink, white, red…

Sacred lotus

J-F. Mahé Respect! In front of the sacred lotus, it is advisable to come back to oneself and to listen to one's spirituality. It is not for nothing that this aquatic beauty, also called Oriental lotus, is one of the plant symbols of Eastern religions and more particularly the emblematic flower of India.

White water lily

J-F. Mahé As clear as snow, this water lily could melt in the milky white of the clouds ... except that it is the full sun which makes it bloom! And what a beautiful play of contrast between these limpid white petals, the deep green and varnished leaves and the darkness of the seabed!

Swamp hibiscus

J-F. Mahé The hibiscus or hibiscus of the marshes is distinguished by its upright habit and its slender stems which propel their purple flowers up to more than two meters. Suffice to say that these beautiful women almost see the sun appear before their cousins ​​living flush with the waves! Their lifespan is short, but who cares, because the flowers are renewed regularly. A pretty plant to invite in its pond to give it height!


J-F. Mahé Here is the loosestrife which is one of the most common water plants. However, its bushy stems, adorned with flowers of a beautiful purplish pink seduce thanks to the charm of simplicity!

Colored iris

J-F. Mahé, Danielle Langlois (framed) This iris, graceful like all the plants of its family, is particularly pleased when it has its feet in the water. Its bright purple flowers are just as beautiful as ephemeral, so only two days of glory are offered to them before they wilt and give way to one of their sisters. (Box: Danielle Langlois license: CC-By-SA


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