Our favorite selection among the 3 Swiss

Our favorite selection among the 3 Swiss

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Spotlight on the 3 Suisses fall-winter 2014-2015 collection! On the program: soft accessories, refined furniture and decorative objects with a retro twist. Discover all our favorites in pictures.

A graphic duvet cover

3 Suisses Autumn has arrived? Not in the bedroom, thanks to this very pretty graphic and colorful duvet cover. Sure it will give you the dose of pep to get you up in the morning in a good mood! From 14.90 euros

A wool cushion

3 Suisses We think of rainy days and comfort ourselves with these woolen cushions that will warm the atmosphere in the blink of an eye. The plus: play the mismatch card on the sofa for more effect! 14.90 euros

Scandinavian buffet

3 Suisses This fall too we can count on the Scandinavian style to furnish our interior. And with this blond wooden sideboard and ecru drawers, it's now done in the living room. 301 euros

Rattan chair

3 Suisses Want to give a touch of charm to the room? Get this pretty rattan armchair as quickly as possible, with a resolutely retro look, but in a more contemporary color. Here it is, a very soft atmosphere! 149.20 euros

A retro spirit mirror

3 Suisses Favorite for this mirror which perfectly imitates the "rear view" models from the 50s. Installed in the bedroom on a blue wall or in the living room on a lighter wall, it will stand out. 99 euros

A copper side table

3 Suisses Copper is coming into the bedroom this fall with this beautiful side table that is used as a bedside table. And if you want to move it, you can easily slip it into the living room as a coffee table. 89.15 euros

A lace suspension

3 Suisses We literally melt in front of this lace pendant lamp with a vintage look. Its little extra decoration: the accumulation effect and its small finishes in pepsy colors. It will look great in a romantic and flirtatious room. 199 euros

A minimalist pendulum

3 Swiss In the bedroom for teens or parents, you dare a clock with a minimalist look on the walls. Above the headboard, fixed on a dark wall, it finds a place of choice to be admired. 14.95 euros

Geometric bath linen

3 Suisses In the bathroom either, we are not yet ready to say goodbye to sunny days. The proof with this geometric bath linen and in pastel tones that permeates the room with the freshness of summer dew all year round. 19.90 euros