Manufacturing secret: the Actifry fryer from Seb

Manufacturing secret: the Actifry fryer from Seb

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We still don't know who is the source of the fries, the French or the Belgians. On the other hand, it can be said with pride that for oil-free fryers, it is France that wins and particularly Seb with the Actifry. On the occasion of the release of the Actifry Express XL, Seb opened the doors of its production plant in Burgundy to show us that the only oil allowed here is elbow grease!

Seb factory in Is-sur-Tille

Household appliances This production site located in Côte-dOr has only been dedicated to the production of fryers for the whole world since 1976. The success of the Actifry and its innovative process for preparing oil-free fries means that today the site of 'Is-sur-Tille produces around 9000 Actifry per day.

The plastic sector of the factory

Household appliances It all starts with injection presses to create the "skirt" of the Actifry, that is to say the base of the fryer. Each mold present in the press is unique, it is it which defines the external appearance as well as the shine of the skirt.

Assembly lines

Household appliances Once the base is completed, the fryer must be assembled with the components of the suppliers. Each assembly line produces an Actifry every 45 seconds, or approximately 100 Actifry per hour and per assembly line. For safety and health reasons, shifts are made every hour.


Household electrical appliances At the end of the assembly line, 100% of the Actifry units are checked and an Actifry sample is collected per hour and per line for more technical checks.

The conditioning

Household appliances At the end of the day, the Actifries are packaged and palletized. Shipments are made all over the world so that today Seb announces that there are 7 million Actifry in activity in the world.

The laboratory

Household appliances The lab is segmented into three distinct zones: the performance zone to test the efficiency of the machine, the cooking endurance zone to test for fouling and the non-cooking endurance zone to test the durability of the components.

The culinary workshop

Household appliances Eating habits from one country to another are so different that Seb must design original recipes for each of them. In the culinary workshop, two chefs are responsible for testing the recipes that are most likely to appeal to the inhabitants of the targeted country.