Ideas for a natural touch in the nursery

Ideas for a natural touch in the nursery

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So that the bedroom of the little ones is a cocoon of softness, we put on a natural inspiration. So to help you instill this style in your baby's room, we deliver 10 very decorative ideas to discover in pictures.

Butterfly patterns

Vertbaudet At Vertbaudet, butterflies provide a bucolic touch to the nursery. We adopt them as stickers on the wall or as patterns on the canopy for a country style that will not fail to arouse baby.

A vegetable spirit

Vertbaudet For a natural touch in the baby's room, we put on the patterns that recall the vegetation with a tree stickers and storage lockers decorated with plant drawings. And on the ground, we play with rugs that evoke grass.

Small flowers

Vertbaudet For baby girls' rooms, flowers are of course ideal for evoking nature! They are placed on bed linen as well as on carpets or curtains for a very rural atmosphere!

Wood on the walls

La Redoute Why wouldn't you give a hut spirit to your baby's room? Very warm, the wood on the walls will instantly bring a natural spirit by enveloping the room.

Wooden furniture

La Redoute Similarly, do not hesitate to opt for wooden furniture to give a natural atmosphere to the room with ease. To refine the decor, then bet on natural colors.

A natural armchair

Alinéa In the baby's room, an armchair is ideal for special moments with parents. To create a natural and soothing atmosphere, we can offer ourselves a rattan model that will fit perfectly in a room with green colors.

Blue walls

La Redoute To evoke nature, sometimes it only takes a little! You can paint the walls of the nursery in light blue to echo the sky. You will then bet on natural colors to establish the decor.

An original cradle

Crème Anglaise A room of natural inspiration, it is also a room with your head in the stars. So what better way to represent the stars than to install your small end in a moon-shaped cradle?

A suspended cradle

AM.PM Finally, if your baby settles in your room, bet on natural colors and offer him a suspended cradle which will be a real little hut perched in a tripod like a teepee.