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Staged under a bell

Staged under a bell

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Certain stagings give another dimension to objects. This is the case of glass bells, evocative of curiosity cabinets. Placed under these transparent accessories, simple candles, notepads or brushes transform into objects called desire. An unexpected and poetic decor as you wish, here is a nice overview…

Glass bells for a chic taste

Geneviève Lethu For a chic, original and feminine snack, we say yes to the elegant glass bells of all sizes. They will highlight strawberry macaroons and more improbable, Cinderella's shoe and a Barbie. Because with the ephemeral decorations, nothing prevents us from daring the extravagance and the quirky side…

The art of table-top cooking

AM.PM Imagine a one-on-one dinner: instead of betting on a classic decor, think of transparent bells to house candles, bread or even small home decor creations. Or how to give an elegant and refined dimension to the meal with simplicity…

The 3 bells

Purpose Set of accumulations on the dresser. Here, three glass bells protect transparent decorative balls, some forgotten objects and cupcakes. Difficult not to succumb to this pretty and very refined staging.

Painter's brushes under a bell

AM.PM Who would have thought that brushes could enhance the decor? All it took was a transparent globe to take up the challenge on the coffee table in this lounge. An original composition that does not go unnoticed.


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