Have you thought about slate tiles?

Have you thought about slate tiles?

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Trend alert: slate leaves the big game and settles in our interiors without being asked in the form of tiles nicer than each other. In the bathroom and in the kitchen, they bring out a very pleasant mineral air, and in the living room, they bring a touch of modernity completely seductive. To finish convincing you, discover our selection of 10 photos.

On the floor and on the wall

Home Project Large tiles on the floor, small facing stones on the wall, this slate kitchen definitely has everything to please us. Combined with a metal worktop and white lacquered furniture, this gives the room a decidedly modern look.

To delimit spaces

Castorama If in the bathroom you don't want to achieve a total slate look, you can also coat only the lower part of the walls and paint the rest in white. Ideal for keeping some light.

In the living room

Ardoise Quartz Classify this black and white living room which has dared to use slate tiles! What we particularly like are the different shades of gray and black depending on the tiles, don't you?

Chalet atmosphere

Indoor by Capri Slate tiling is not only reserved for contemporary interiors. The proof with this beautiful wooden chalet which installed it on the ground with class. We love !

Rough stone

Indoor by Capri Raw finish for this slate tile with pretty yellow reflections. In a bathroom, with a large stone basin, it brings a mineral and natural side of the most relaxing.

Large slabs

Porto Venere To give your entry or your living room all the design they deserve, bet on large slate tiles. Blow of heart for these of a black crow as we rarely see.

With relief effects

Indoor by Capri We have the impression that by passing our hand over this slate wall tile, we will feel some roughness. No! These are only relief effects that give the living room a graphic impression like carved in stone.

Gray version

Indoor by Capri If you are afraid of darkening the room with a black slate, know that there are also lighter shades like gray. We then choose small rectangles of tiling that we dare on one or more walls in the bathroom for example.


Slate Quartz The advantage with slate is that you can also install it outside without worrying that it will be damaged. To create a small patio or even make a large terrace, it is ideal.


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