Comics and manga set the tone in the teenage bedroom

Comics and manga set the tone in the teenage bedroom

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If your teen is a fan of comics or manga, why not take inspiration from it to enhance the decor of your bedroom? The fishing for ideas begins with the following 5 atmospheres:

A comic-style bench seat

Fly ### Here is a bench fully covered with bubbles, onomatopoeias and comic characters that does not go unnoticed! In the teenage bedroom, it infuses style and allure, everything to make them melt!

Manga-style bed linen

Paragraph ### Young fans of manga should be seduced by this pretty duvet cover on which is printed a page of Japanese comics! This means that she dresses the bed with originality, but above all, she proudly displays her favorite reading universe.

A comic curtain

Ikea ### When brother and sister share the same room, there is nothing like a pretty curtain to delimit the space. Yes, but it's even better if this curtain also contributes to the general atmosphere of the room! Here, it is decorated with images of comics to best reflect the personality and tastes of young residents, a detail that has its effect in decoration!

Floor-to-ceiling manga theme

Leroy Merlin ### The adhesives give us a big helping hand when it comes to highlighting a specific mood in the teenagers' bedroom. The proof in pictures with these two manga stickers that dress a section of wall from floor to ceiling and the door of a closet.