Security: a house protected from burglars

Security: a house protected from burglars

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To leave your home serenely, the security of your home is important. Be aware that to avoid burglaries, you can protect your home by adding effective security systems. Here are 8 security points to check at home to optimize the protection of your home.

A quality portal

Lapeyre For your fence to be effective, you will also have to opt for a quality gate. We put aside the low gates over which burglars can easily pass in favor of a high and solid gate that will be impassable.

A burglar-proof door

Lapeyre To prevent possible burglars from entering your interior, you will need to be sure to opt for a solid door like an armored model that has several locking points. Avoid the glass parts which weaken the security of the door.

Secure windows

Lapeyre Your windows are also vulnerable because burglars don't hesitate to break them to enter your interior. To protect yourself, know that double glazing and even triple glazing will be stronger. In addition, there is burglar-proof glazing which will guarantee you a better result.

Bars on the windows

Leroy Merlin To secure your windows with even more care, be aware that you can always install bars that will prevent burglars from entering your interior. This is especially useful when your window faces the street.

A solid garage door

Lapeyre Since you are checking the openings of your house, also think of the garage door that we would tend to overlook. It must be solid and completely close access to your home. And don't forget to lock it!

A lighted exterior

Ikea To avoid leaving the field open to burglars, consider lighting the outside of your home. Thus, any intrusion will be more easily visible by passers-by or neighbors and will deter burglars from attempting to break into your house.

Security alarm

Legrand Finally, to deter burglars and alert your neighbors in the event of a break-in, security alarms are always effective. The ideal is to subscribe to a surveillance contract. Thus, if the alarm is triggered during your absence, a service provider is notified and goes on site to check the condition of your home.


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