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The enchanting world of storytelling takes hold in the children's room

The enchanting world of storytelling takes hold in the children's room

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Rare, precious or fantastic objects straight out of the story world of Andersen, the Grimm brothers or Perrault bring magic into the room of the little wolves. Imaginary bestiary, princess accessories and enchanting forest on the program. Yes, the Serendipity brand presents magical decorative accessories to make our cherubim dream… Preview in pictures.

A princess crown

Serendipity ### What little girl does not dream of becoming a princess? To make the fairy tale come true, here is a small decorative crown made of metal threads delicately assembled by silver threads which should make her happy. We put it on the bedside table or on the dresser, and the princess atmosphere is created…

The frog king

Serendipity ### Once upon a time, there was a princess and a frog. You know the rest. A romantic kiss eventually freed the little animal from its fate, after which it turned into a prince charming. This essential tale of the Grimm brothers has crossed generations, so why not adopt the frog king in the children's room as a door wedge, book hold or quirky object, like a nod to the magic of this pretty story?

A wall swan

Serendipity ### If your toddler's tale "The 6 swan brothers" by Grimm or "The wild swans" by Andersen pleased your child, here is a decorative swan that should delight him. A unique piece made with silk and cotton that steals the show from animal trophies ...

A Venetian mirror that flies

Serendipity ### Oh mirror, my beautiful mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful? Particularly coveted object in tales, fantastic mirrors are now arriving in the loulous room. Our favorite ? This replica of an old Venetian mirror model with a gold frame and pretty angel wings. Magic isn't it?