The many possibilities of roof windows

The many possibilities of roof windows

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If you want to arrange your attic to make it a living room, light is the key to the success of your project. You will then have to use a roof window to let in the light while respecting the slope of the roof. Before you decide, discover the many possibilities of roof windows that are better known under the brand name Velux.

A recessed window

Velux Thanks to the roof windows, you can create a light space in your room by installing the window structure following the slope of the roof without constraining the interior sub-slope.

Multiplied windows

Velux Roof windows allow you to multiply the openings to bring in as much light as you want. This type of window allows large openings.

XXL windows

Velux Unlike the roof windows of yesteryear which offered only a skylight, today they can be installed on the entire slope of the roof in order to bring in as much light as possible.

Windows that meet your needs

Velux The roof windows can be placed at any level of the roof, which allows the light to be personalized according to its interior needs. Here, for example, we chose to place the windows at the edge of the roof to enhance a section of wall.

Classic looking windows

Velux Many finishing possibilities are possible so that your window will not just be a hole in the roof that allows light to enter. On the contrary, you can even choose window frames that evoke traditional models.

Windows that lend themselves to incongruous furnishings

Velux Thanks to the many possibilities of Velux type windows, you can meet all your light needs. So, for example, you can stack two narrow windows to get a strip of natural light.

Overlapping windows

Velux If in a traditional setting, it would not come to the idea of ​​overlapping the windows, the roof windows allow you to create patchworks of windows to maximize the natural light in your room.

High windows

Leroy Merlin The Velux windows allow you to create a point of natural light above the sub-slopes in order to be able to make the most of them, as is the case in these attics transformed into a kitchen.

Modulating windows

Leroy Merlin In addition to the technical aspect of roof windows, you should also know that they will also meet your needs for dimming light thanks to many systems such as interior blinds or perfectly adapted roller shutters.