Choose your pastry robot according to the style of your kitchen

Choose your pastry robot according to the style of your kitchen

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The idea may seem absurd but the food processor is intended to sit in the middle of his kitchen on the work surface. No reason why it should not be coordinated with the decorative style that you have patiently chosen for this room! In other words, we pay as much for the quality as for the design when it comes to a pastry robot, so there's no need to deprive yourself of aesthetics in this case. Whether your kitchen is in a seaside, country or New York loft spirit, discover the kitchen machine that goes with it!

For contemporary cuisine ...

Fly This is a modern, unadorned kitchen in which we can very well imagine an active urban, a person who lives with the times. This very refined and fairly masculine cuisine in its colors reminds us that time is of the essence and that you should not be distracted. By choosing the Smeg Back to the 50's as food processor, we pay homage to retro cars and aerodynamics. Robot Smeg, SMF01BLEU, € 549

For a pop style kitchen…

Fly Cheers! The pop style kitchen is ideal for anyone who wants to take full advantage of all the little joys of life. They need a colorful kitchen, falsely disturbed (because they hate everything that is sterile) and above all alive. For their food processor, pop style lovers can without hesitation set their sights on the Kenwood kMix color Lemon Tonic food processor. Kenwood kMix Lemon Tonic robot, around € 350

For a New York loft style kitchen…

Douglas Elliman Real Estate Between New York apartment and industrial loft, this kitchen is the fruit of intense research in flea markets and decoration magazines. Suddenly, it is unthinkable for you to house any food processor. It inevitably the reference model, obviously American. No need to procrastinate, your choice has been made for a long time: the KitchenAid Artisan robot of course! But in a special color, like this Espresso shade which logically responds to the brick wall. KitchenAid Artisan Robot, 5KSM150PSEES, around € 450

For a Zen style cuisine…

Ikea There's no point asking you to hurry. What you like most is taking your time, especially in your kitchen, which you have chosen on purpose bright and clear. This room is for you a space of relaxation, you appreciate its Zen atmosphere created thanks to your indoor plants and your white furniture. You are naturally looking for a food processor in the same color, a kitchen machine that is both efficient (not to stress) and silent (not to stress twice). We offer you the brand new Kenwood Chef XL Sense robot, a gem of simplicity and technology. Kenwood Chef XL Sense robot, around € 590

For seaside style cuisine…

Houses of the world Oyez, see sailors! Your kitchen seems to be in perpetual vacation and that is exactly what you want with this seaside style. You need this change of scenery after a long day of work, unless you live near the sea. In any case, you will necessarily be sensitive to the navy blue of Kenwood's Assistent robot. Robot Electrolux Assistent, EKM 4500, around 230 €

For a bohemian style kitchen…

Ikea Your kitchen is a tribute to Flower Power, an explosive blend of exuberance and simplicity. You only have one fear, you will be bored in your kitchen! And even if it is not your favorite place (you largely prefer to live outside), you are not against using a robot to make cookies on rainy days. You will then appreciate the knack of the Bosch Startline robot, a basic full of fantasy thanks to its turquoise color. Bosch Robot, Startline, MUM54, € 229.99

For a professional style kitchen…

Perene Your kitchen looks like that of professionals because you always want the best in it. So, you swear by the stainless steel found in your kitchen from floor to ceiling. For the food processor, you are also looking for the top of the range and you naturally fell for the pastry robot capable of cooking the most delicate preparations. The Kenwood Cooking Chef is your ally, all stainless steel and great chef's performance! Kenwood Cooking Chef robot, around € 1,300