Very decorative basements!

Very decorative basements!

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Want to give volume to your walls? What if you bet on the foundations? By painting them in color, highlighting their moldings, dressing them with wallpaper or paneling, the lower part of the facades enhances the decor and asserts the character of the house. So, tempted?

Give relief to moldings with paint

Fly ### Do you like the decorative finishes on your bases, but you regret that they sometimes go unnoticed? The solution is to personalize them by painting the frame of your moldings! For the sake of harmony, direct your choice to a flagship color for your decor. You will see, after this little change, your bases will literally sublimate the space, the image proof ...

Topped with wallpaper, the moldings take on volume

Saint Maclou ### What a shame to have beautifully sculpted basements without them appearing in the foreground. What if you don't want to leave them as is without painting them? Dress the rest of the wall with wallpaper! An effective trick which makes it possible to highlight them indirectly.

Paneling the foundations

Ikéa ### Bringing a soft and natural note to the walls, it is especially possible by dressing the bases of wood paneling. Choose white for a classic look, light wood for a contemporary attitude or oak for a more authentic chalet look.

Line the bases with wallpaper

Leroy Merlin ### Wallpaper is also a coating of choice if you want to create a contrast game on the walls, whether you decide to put two separate wallpapers on the lower and upper part of the facades, or you choose to underline only the base. Here, the two methods have been applied. Two wallpapers divide the wall running through the corridor, while only the base is carpeted on the stairs…


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