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Extra flat shower trays: our selection

Extra flat shower trays: our selection

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The walk-in shower has met with real success in recent years, gradually surpassing the traditional bathtub. Its situation on one level and the absence of a door make it practical to use as to maintain. The icing on the cake, it offers a substantial space for the toilet. The receivers that equip these XXL showers today compete in design and ingenuity to give bathrooms real luxury spa looks. The editorial team looked at 20 extra-flat models to enhance your toilet space and make it as beautiful as it is comfortable.

Simple and efficient

Villeroy & Boch No superfluous for this Villeroy & Boch set, intended for daily and family use. A slight stop and a glass wall prevent water from spreading in the bathroom, thus avoiding the chore of sponging which often follows the morning toilet!

Minimalist design

Hidrobox The Spanish brand Hidrobox is renowned for its products with bold shapes and impeccable lines. Proof of this is with this Global model, with a very slight inclination which allows optimized water evacuation…

Black it's black

Galassia Haute couture finish for this shower tray, only 3 cm thick, made of Mineral Stone: this innovative and modern material is a skilful blend of marble resins and powders and natural stones. The Life model is available in 4 colors - black, gray, beige, and white - and brings a touch of authenticity to the bathroom without losing its very current look.

Aqua color

Bath ambiance Very fashionable at the moment, the aqua color is particularly well suited to the bathroom, which it tones and modernizes in the blink of an eye. Made of synthetic concrete, the Waterconcept shower tray naturally extends the shower panel from the toilet area, thus harmonizing this bright and very fresh bathroom.

Easy access

Villeroy & Boch We often forget it but the extra flat shower tray offers easy access to the toilet for people who have difficulty moving. Its large size often makes it possible to place a stool or a shower seat there, and its situation of full foot avoids having to step over any obstacle.

A complete system

Nicoll The French brand Nicoll had the good idea to develop a complete shower range called Docia; the latter includes shower trays, but also an extractable siphon and customizable water drainage grids. The shower becomes almost tailor-made and adapts to the constraints of our bathroom with easy installation!

Lacquered white

Villeroy & Boch We love the brilliant whiteness of this Architectura Metalrim model by Villeroy & Boch. The German ceramic specialists once again amaze with their creativity and their lead: on this model, the slope is barely visible and the receiver blends naturally with the bathroom floor.

Minimalist spirit

Jacob Delafon A clever combination of curves and angles, the Odéon Up shower tray represents the perfect balance that defines contemporary design. We like its mineral aspect and the almost monastic simplicity of its forms.

Symphony in black and white

Kaldeweï This shower tray signed Kaldeweï has the particularity of benefiting from a wall drain and not from the floor like most conventional receivers. In enamelled steel, this Xetis model offers a palette of colors that harmonizes perfectly with natural floor coverings, and blends without visual discontinuity in its environment.

A harmonious arrangement

Ambiance Bain The brand Ambiance bain offers us here a simple concept: the same material, a single color, and the same finish for the entire bathroom, all without joints! Result? A harmonious and easy-to-maintain toilet space, with resistance to time and foolproof household products.

Technicolor evacuation

Wirquin Focus on the Venisio Expert channel signed Wirquin, which adapts to all types of walk-in showers. With a small footprint and performance going beyond the recommended standards, this brushed stainless steel drain cleverly replaces a shower tray for bathrooms that do not have the possibility of benefiting from it.

The democratized shower

SFA The company SFA has developed a technology to install an extra flat shower tray in the absence of gravity drainage. An innovation making the shower easy to install and accessible, while avoiding major work in the bathroom! But what exactly is it? Sanifloor® technology includes a siphon incorporating a detection system, which in turn controls a suction pump (suction hose supplied). The water entering the siphon is detected and automatically triggers the pump: it sucks and drains the water to the central pipe… What if you redesign your bathroom?

Let in the light!

Lapeyre These extra flat shower trays by Lapeyre, associated with large transparent walls, offer unparalleled comfort and brightness. The angle of the bathroom is optimized and thus allows a significant saving of space!

Aquatic reflections

Villeroy & Boch The Squaro shower tray by Villeroy & Boch impresses with its reduced height, which allows flush installation of the floor covering. Integration in the bathroom is thus complete, and the receiver is integrated into the room as a design element. We love its shiny coating which reflects the outside light!

Outstanding resistance

Villeroy & Boch The pioneer of sanitary elements Villeroy & Boch surprises us once again by his mastery of forms and materials. It is Quaryl, a mixture of quartz and acrylic resin, which is at the origin of this very particular rendering and which allows, among other things, to obtain and keep the warm and pure aspect of the product. As a direct result of this process, the Futurion Flat shower tray presented in this visual will retain its luster throughout its existence.

Rectangle or quarter circle

Scandilodge These two receivers signed Scandilodge are made of reconstituted stone covered with an acrylic coating. Combined with simple and elegant shower stalls, they form a timeless set ideal for the whole family.

Zen style in the bathroom

Sararremigues As part of the current trend of walk-in showers, the extra flat shower tray (7 cm) Bâton by Sarreguemines is available in three formats: 140 × 80 cm, 120 × 80 cm or 90 × 90 cm. In fine glazed stoneware, with a 90 mm drain, it sports a modern design and very refined finishes.

Meeting of aesthetics and functionality

Villeroy & Boch Design and refined, the Subway shower tray by Villeroy & Boch benefits from CeramicPlus technology. Unique in its kind, this material advance facilitates cleaning and retains the appearance of new sanitary ceramic for a long time. Little more, it is available in different shades of colors ranging from radiant Star White to Pergamon!

Anti-shock design

Leroy Merlin This Niva shower tray, available from Leroy Merlin, combines lightness and very high resistance (to shocks, loads and scratches). Significant advantages, the resin that covers it does not turn yellow and it is French made!