Architect's advice: solutions for more light

Architect's advice: solutions for more light

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Light has a considerable influence on our mood and our morale, as well as on the perception of colors and volumes in our habitats. Let it be natural - and free! - or artificial (brought by the sun or the installation of lighting fixtures), the brightness can be strong in each room, without necessarily generating large works. Many solutions exist to increase the light supply: color schemes, skylights, diversification of types of lighting…

Solutions for more light in the living room

Angélique BLANC In this living room, the light sources are diversified, the golden rule in terms of lighting, in order to create different and appropriate atmospheres: general lighting centered on the ceiling, accent lamps placed on the furniture and near the TV screen for a cozy atmosphere, and direct reading lamp on the stand near the armchair. Brightness is enhanced by the care taken with materials, colors and layout: low lacquered cabinet that returns the light, translucent chairs, sofa directed in front of the window, light satin paintings on the walls. Finally, to avoid an atmosphere that is too cold, the colored fabrics energize and enhance the atmosphere.

Solutions for more light in the bathroom

Angélique BLANC This small bathroom has no window. In order to overcome this major defect, the general lighting is created by an ingenious solution, inexpensive contrary to appearances, and easy to install: the glass dome. A veritable skylight, it receives sunlight, which is routed through a duct from the roof, and concentrates it using a lens built into the dome. This durable and efficient solution does not require any building permit, and at night or in the event of very little sunshine, artificial lighting will take over by means of a central light point and two spotlights above the mirror.

Solutions for more light in the bedroom

Angélique BLANC This mixed room + office space requires varied and specific lighting. The general lighting is strong enough to bring light throughout the room without dazzling. Individual lamps are placed on the bedside tables so as not to cause discomfort for the spouse. A reading lamp is placed next to the chair. The desk also has its own lamp, placed on the opposite side to the writing hand (so on the left for a right-handed person) to avoid any annoying shade. For the dressing table, we avoid white light which makes the pale complexion too easily, and we choose a light close to daylight for good color rendering near the mirrors of the dressing room. The office is arranged between the two windows to make the most of daylight, and leave more privacy to the sleeping area.