A pop room

A pop room

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For a vitamin show, bet on the pop trend. By small touches, or from floor to ceiling, bring into your interior rounded shapes, patterns, plastic and above all, adopt flashy colors. Attention eyes, in the living room too, summer will be under the sign of the color block!

Invicta atmosphere

Invicta ### Pop and Zen A pop atmosphere for this fair organized around the fire (a Boxflam wood stove by Invicta). Choose as here to enhance the fireplace by embedding it in a brightly painted wall. Add comfortable and sober sofas that you will enhance with colorful cushions. For the rest of the decor, an old trunk, a sailboat and some photos complete the decoration here, for a pop and zen result at the same time.

La Redoute

La Redoute ### Roundness pop Who says pop says round furniture. You will find models of seats, armchairs and coffee tables in this style in the La Redoute catalog and on the website. Two different atmospheres. The first high in color and the second declined in green tones.


Guittet ### Pop paint The pop trend can be used sparingly, as this ambiance illustrates. Here, white walls have been favored and a few sections are dressed in sparkling colors and full of energy (pop collection of Guittet paintings. To recall the pop inspiration, a white plastic chair and round lamps were chosen.

Maisons du Monde Sofa

Maisons du Monde ### Pop art Find at Maisons du Monde a pop art collection in the colors of England. You can decorate your living room with a carpet, furniture, paintings, lamps and cushions bearing the image of the English flag. However, the total look can quickly become tiresome. Here, the 2-3 seat round sofa is very original.


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